Freelance PR en Communicatie

Making beautiful brands shine is what I love to do the most. That’s why I connect them to the right people, so they can grow in the most sustainable way.

I believe we can make the world a better place together. That is why I want to strengthen, guide, shine and inspire game changers by creating sharp strategiescreative concepts and meaningful brand stories tailored to your needs. 

Why? Because the world needs it. Now more than ever.

The value I bring to my clients all comes down to true expertise and high-quality execution when it comes to PRcommunications and writing.

I am a freelance PR and communications consultant, specialized in generating more brand awareness and visibility, for brands that make the world a little bit better.

We have been featured on the radio several times, in major newspapers and on relevant news sites. We are very satisfied!

Nico de Jong, Maqqie

Her choice for a systematic approach and her knowledge of PR and the press makes her a professional who can be deployed for many different functions in the field of PR, project management and marketing.

Marieta van den Heuvel, Municipality of The Hague

Purpose Path is a Netherlands based, internationally focused consulting agency founded by Letizia Luijs. A creative consultant with a proven track record in building and expanding food, lifestyle and IT/tech brands.

Strongly committed to make brands shine and to build a deeper connection with their audience.

I help brands with creating strategies, communication campaigns, public relations, media & influencer connections, writing and editing.

Do you want me to do this for you too? Then we can schedule an online introductory meeting to see what the options are. You can always call or email me, my details can be found on the contact page.

How I work

Your business is important. You want to grow and prosper successfully and with that attract the right customers to you. Quality is standard. Because a satisfied customer is your highest goal.

That’s how I stand in our collaboration. I want the best for you. That is why I deliver the best. With a training, as a consultant, as a project manager and within the collaboration. All the time. Without exceptions.

You grow with the right investment. A good investment yields results. I want to achieve that result for you. Always, without exceptions.

How we achieve these results differs per collaboration. We determine together what goals we want to achieve. But that results are achieved is a fact.

I only work for brands I support. Organisations that make the world a little bit better. I consciously choose a collaboration.

This makes me enthusiastic in everything we do together to grow the company.

Enthusiasm is contagious. Also for your customers.

I have a lot of experience as a PR and communication consultant, simply because I have been doing this work for a long time. I have worked for different agencies, with a range of clients and in many different areas of interest.

I know the Dutch media landscape like the back of my hand and know how to follow the right PR routes. Because I have worked for different industries, I also know how to communicate to different target groups.

I know what is going on in the market and I apply that in the work for my clients.

When you work with me, you plug in to this knowledge.