During my career my client portfolio contained a lot of B2B and B2C clients in the management, lifestylefemale empowerment and IT/tech sector. 

I started my career working for different agencies and for many a-brands. Creating strong communication strategies and executing PR-campaigns and events. Now I carry out my knowledge and experience for my own clients at Purpose Path.

Projects I managed and executed contain communication campaigns, public relations, strategy, social media, consultancy, project management, copywriting & text.

Services I provide are advice, training and coaching in the field of communication and PR.



At Maqqie we have been working with Letizia for over a year now. Her expertise in the field of PR has helped us a lot to generate more brand awareness and gain authority. Letizia is driven, pragmatic and quickly identifies opportunities. In addition, she knows how to approach various media that are relevant to us in an effective way. We have been featured on the radio several times, we have appeared in major newspapers and on relevant news sites. We are very satisfied!

Nico de Jong, Maqqie

We are very satisfied with the way Letizia advises us and approaches the press. Thanks to her efforts, we have received several publications in the past year on both regional and national media channels. This helps us increase the brand awareness of Bluekens EV.

Marketing and Communication specialist, Bluekens EV

It was with great pleasure to work with Letizia for six months on the organisation of the Hâck The Hague 2021 event. During our collaboration, she effortlessly and quickly picked up the work needed to get the job done. She was able to easily reduce each meeting to concrete action points. She is not easily discouraged by setbacks. Her choice for a systematic approach and her knowledge of PR and the press make her a professional who can be deployed for many different functions in the field of PR, project management and marketing. And not unimportant: in addition to being a professional, she is also just a nice person. One that you definitely want to get to know and add to your network.

Marieta van den Heuvel, Municipality of The Hague

I am very happy with Letizia’s fresh, flexible and practical approach. Because of her efforts, there was a good press release about my book in the mainstream media.

Floor Tuinstra, Floor Reflexologie

In one afternoon, Letizia taught me everything about writing good, catchy web copy and blogs. Her explanation is clear and immediately applicable. I now enjoy writing blogs even more and my texts are better put together.

Sabrina Soebhan, Everything is om